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This page lists all roles that appear in the game.

Village team roles[edit | edit source]

The village team wins when they lynch or otherwise kill every player with a wolf role. Other members of the wolf team do not count towards determining this win condition.

Wolf team roles[edit | edit source]

The wolf team wins when the number of players with wolfchat access equal or outnumber the number of players without access ("villagers"). All wolf roles have access to wolfchat, in addition to wolfchat roles.

Wolf roles[edit | edit source]

Should all players with these roles die, the village team wins.

Wolfchat roles[edit | edit source]

These roles have access to wolfchat and are counted towards the wolf team's win condition.

Other wolf-aligned roles[edit | edit source]

These roles win with the wolf team, but are otherwise counted as villagers for the purposes of determining win conditions.

Neutral roles[edit | edit source]

Neutral roles have their own win conditions. Some of them may start on one side and flip to the other, others never take sides and can only win if special conditions are met.

Templates[edit | edit source]

Templates are additional roles that are added on top of the role a player is assigned to. Each player has exactly one role, but they may have zero or more templates in addition to it.