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You are an assassin. Choose a target with target <nick>. If you die you will take out your target with you. If your target dies you may choose another one.

During the night, the assassin selects a target by using target <nick> in PM. If the assassin would die for any reason other than idling out/quitting, they kill their selected target as well. If their target dies and the assassin is still alive, they may select a new target the following night. Assassins may not change which target they have selected otherwise. If an assassin forgets to pick a target on a night they are allowed to, it will pick a random target for them automatically.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 13
Mad 17
Aleatoire 10,13
Alpha 19
Charming 16
Mudkip 10
Rapidfire 8,15
Drunkfire 14