Vengeful ghost

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OOOooooOOOOooo! You are the vengeful ghost. It is now your job to exact your revenge on the wolves that killed you.

If the vengeful ghost dies, they swear revenge on the team that killed them. While alive, they win alongside the default role (usually villagers). Once they die, they join the team opposite of the one they swore revenge on. Each night after they die, they must kill someone on the team they swore revenge on; a list of players on that team is presented to them and they must kill one of them by using kill <nick> in PM. If they do not select a target before night ends, one will be selected at random. The vengeful ghost is seen as a villager by the seer and oracle. The vengeful ghost is a hidden role, meaning that not even the player who is the vengeful ghost knows their own role until they die or are revealed by another method such as detective or revealing totem.

Alignment on death is determined by looking at the main role of the player who killed them. If the main role is wolf-aligned, the ghost will swear revenge on wolves. Otherwise, the ghost will swear revenge on villagers. This means that a neutral role killing Vengeful Ghost causes them to be wolf-aligned.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mad 14
Aleatoire 10,18
Alpha 21
Charming 11
Sleepy 15
Mudkip 10
Rapidfire 12,22
Masquerade 24