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You are an oracle. It is your job to detect the wolves, you may have a vision once per night. Use see <nick> to see whether or not a player is a wolf.

The oracle is an important village team role in Werewolf that usually appears in modes where the seer is absent. Oracles perform their action at night, using see <nick> to determine whether or not another player is a wolf. The oracle's visions are neither exact nor flawless, as they see cursed villagers as wolves, and almost every other role as not wolves. Oracles are a primary target for the wolves, so they must be careful not to reveal their information too explicitly, instead indirectly aiding the village by backing other safes. The oracle in particular must be wary of the alpha wolf if they are present, as if they are bitten, they may turn into a doomsayer and work against the village.

Oracles cannot naturally have the cursed villager template.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Foolish 8
Alpha 7

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