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You are a seer. It is your job to detect the wolves, you may have a vision once per night. Use see <nick> to see the role of a player.

The seer is an important village team role in Werewolf that appears in the majority of games played. Seers perform their action at night, using see <nick> to determine the role of any other player. The seer's visions are not flawless, as they see cursed villagers as wolves, and other wolfchat roles such as hags and traitors as villagers.

Seers are a primary target for the wolves, so they must be careful not to reveal their information too explicitly, instead indirectly aiding the village by backing other safes. Special wolf team roles can especially hinder the seer's ability to lead. The werecrow is one such role that can pinpoint likely seers through their observations. At higher player counts, the wolf team gains a sorcerer, who is able to detect seers during the night phase and relay that information immediately.

Seers cannot naturally have the cursed villager template.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 4
Mad 7
Lycan 7
Aleatoire 8
Noreveal 4
Evilvillage 8
Charming 5
Sleepy 8
Classic 4
Rapidfire 6
Drunkfire 8
Guardian 8
Masquerade 10 (50% chance)

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