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You are a werecrow. You are able to fly at night. Use observe <nick> to check if someone is in bed or not. You may also use kill <nick> to kill a villager.

The werecrow can kill a target just like the wolves; however, they can also transform into a crow and observe someone at night by using observe <nick> in PM. The werecrow can both observe and kill in the same night. Once day breaks, the werecrow is told whether or not the target was in bed all night, where targets that were not in bed all night are all roles that have a night power and used it that night, with the exception of matchmakers, clones, assassins, and turncoats. If the target did not use their power (harlot staying home, timing out night, etc.), they are observed as being in bed all night. Werecrows are seen as wolf by the seer and oracle and always die if shot by the gunner.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 12
Mad 10
Aleatoire 15
Alpha 12
Noreveal 15
Sleepy 10
Classic 12
Guardian 10

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