Mad scientist

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You are the mad scientist. You win with the villagers, and should you die, you will let loose a potent chemical concoction that will kill the players next to you if they are still alive.

If the mad scientist dies, they throw a potent chemical concoction which kills the players who joined immediately before and after them, wrapping to the first player if the mad scientist was the last player to join and wrapping to the last player if the mad scientist joined before any other player. At 15 players or below, if those players are already dead, nothing happens. At 16 players or above, the mad scientist skips over dead players to kill the first living player on each side of them. The mad scientist is seen as a wolf by the seer and oracle, despite being on the village team.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Rapidfire 6, 18
Valentines 18