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You are a vigilante. Each night, you may kill someone by using kill <nick>, or pass to pass. If the person you kill is not a wolf or a win stealer, you will die alongside your victim.

Every night, the vigilante may kill someone by using kill <nick> in PM, or pass in PM if they do not wish to kill that night. If they kill a wolf role or a role that steals wins (succubus, demoniac, or monster, piper, or fool) that target dies. Wolf role is defined as any role the village is required to kill to win. Roles such as cultist, minion, sorcerer, and other wolfteam-affiliated roles don't count. Traitor also does not count if they haven't turned into a wolf yet.

If their target is not any of those roles, both the target and the vigilante die.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Alpha 21
Sleepy 12

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