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You are a wild child. You must pick an idol with choose <nick>, and you will become a wolf if your idol dies. You are a villager as long as your idol is alive.

The wild child chooses an idol during the first night by using choose <nick> in PM. Should they fail to choose by the end of night, one will be chosen randomly for them. The wild child starts off on the village team, but becomes a wolf once their idol dies. Seer sees them as wild child, oracle sees them as not wolf, and they are always revealed as wild child when lynched, even after turning into wolf.

The augur, detective, and investigator are not fooled by wild children, detecting them as wild child (village team) before they turn and wolf (wolf team) after they turn.

Unlike other roles such as the traitor or the lycan, there is no announcement to the channel when wild child turns into a wolf.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Masquerade 6,10,24