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You are a wolf shaman. You can select a player to receive a totem each night by using give <nick>. You may give yourself a totem, but you may not give the same player a totem two nights in a row. If you do not give the totem to anyone, it will be given to a random player. You may also use kill <nick> to kill a villager.

The wolf shaman is a wolf-sided shaman, giving out totems each night to further their evil goals. Each night, the wolf shaman is given a random totem to distribute. They are told which totem they have and what its effects are. They may use give <nick> in PM to give the totem to someone. They may choose themselves, but may not give a totem to the same person multiple nights in a row. If they do not choose anyone, the totem will be given to a random person. Once day breaks, it is revealed to the channel who received a totem the previous night, but not which totem (only the wolf shaman knows which totem it is, not even the recipient is told). For a list of totems available to wolf shaman, please see the totem wiki page. In addition to their totem power, they can kill like any other wolf by using kill <nick> in PM. The wolf shaman can both give a totem and kill in the same night. Shamans and crazed shamans turn into this role if bitten by the alpha wolf.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Lycan 10
Mudkip 13
Boreal 6,6,10,15,20
Masquerade 16 (50% chance)

The wolf shaman can also show up in the guardian game mode if alpha wolf bites the shaman.

Gamemode specific modifications

Some game modes modify the types and frequency of totems wolf shaman can receive:

  • In random, wolf shaman may receive any totem, but some are more common than others.
  • In mudkip, wolf shaman receives protection half the time, and misdirection the other half.
  • In boreal, wolf shaman receives somewhat different totems.

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