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You are an investigator. During the day, you can see if two people are on the same side by using id <nick1> and <nick2> in PM.

The investigator is able to determine if two players are on the same team or not during the day by using id <nick1> and <nick2> in PM. The investigator determines team affiliation with complete accuracy, correctly identifying traitors to be on the wolves' side and seeing through roles such as cursed villager and amnesiac (for amnesiac, the investigator looks at what role they will be turning into). However, the investigator is not infallible. Should the investigator id two people who are matched to each other by the matchmaker, it will say that they are on the same team. Additionally, should the investigator id two neutral roles, it will say they are on the same team despite neutral roles typically not having teams.

The investigator cannot id themselves.

Mode Players needed
Mudkip 4
Guardian 19

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