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You are a traitor. You are exactly like a villager and not even a seer or oracle can see your true identity, only detectives and augurs can.

The traitor has no inherent special powers. However, should all of the wolves and werecrows die, all traitors will immediately turn into wolves. If a traitor dies while still a traitor, they are shown as a villager instead; the only way for the villagers to know someone is a traitor is for the detective to ID them. Traitors are seen as villagers by the seer and oracle.

Traitors can be cursed. When this happens, the help text will tell you that you are a cursed traitor and acknowledge it. Cursed traitor is not a separate role and the gameplay mechanics are exactly the same as normal traitors. You just happen to also be cursed.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 8
Foolish 8,21
Mad 8
Lycan 8
Aleatoire 8
Alpha 10
Noreveal 10
Charming 8
Sleepy 8
Classic 8
Rapidfire 10
Drunkfire 8,16

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