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You are a wolf. It is your job to kill all the villagers. Use kill <nick> to kill a villager.

The wolf is able to kill a target each night by using kill <nick> in PM. All of the wolves must collectively agree on a target. The wolf can retract their kill by using retract in PM. Wolves always die if shot by the gunner.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 4,21
Foolish 8,10,17,24
Mad 7,14
Lycan 7,12
Aleatoire 8,10,17
Alpha 14,18,22,24
Noreveal 4,12,19
Evilvillage 6,15
Charming 5,16,22
Sleepy 8,12,15,18,21
Mudkip 4,11
Classic 4,10,15,20
Rapidfire 6,12,18,22
Guardian 8,15
Valentines 8,8,13,17,21,24
Masquerade 4,8,18