Cursed villager

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A cursed villager is seen as a wolf by the seer and oracle. When cursed villager is a primary role, they are village-aligned. When cursed villager is given as a secondary role, seers, oracles, wolf roles, mad scientists, monsters, jesters, and fools may never be cursed. The warlock is a special wolf aligned role that can also give people this role every night.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 6,20
Foolish 8
Mad 10
Lycan 7,12
Aleatoire 8,8
Alpha 10,16,22
Noreveal 6,17
Evilvillage 8
Charming 6
Sleepy 8
Classic 6,18
Rapidfire 6,18
Drunkfire 8
Guardian 8,12

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