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Your amnesia clears and you now remember that you are a doomsayer!

The amnesiac forgot who they are, and need to wait until night 3 before they remember what their actual role is. An amnesiac cannot use their special powers until they remember their role. While still forgetful, they win alongside the default role (usually villagers) and are told they are the default role. Once they remember their role they join the appropriate team and all rules of their normal role apply. The augur, detective, sorcerer, and prophet are able to correctly identify the amnesiac's real role, even while they still do not remember. Amnesiacs can be any role except villager, cultist, winstealers, and secondary roles as defined by the active gamemode.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 23
Aleatoire 12
Alpha 10
Noreveal 17
Mudkip 14
Rapidfire 15
Guardian 17,21
Masquerade 9,18