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You are a detective. It is your job to determine all the wolves and traitors. During the day you can see the true identity of all players, even traitors, by using id <nick> in PM. Each time you use your ability, you risk a 40% chance of having your identity revealed to the wolves.

The detective is able to identify someone during the day by using id <nick> in PM. Their true role is revealed to the detective with 100% accuracy; however, there is a 40% chance that the detective's identity is revealed to the wolves each time they use their power. The detective sees through roles such as cursed villager which trips up seers and oracles, and will see an amnesiac as the role they will be turning into.

If the detective is revealed to the wolves, it is very likely that the wolves will attack them the next night to prevent them from being able to use their power again. As a result, detectives are a very good choice for being guarded by a guardian angel or bodyguard or being given a protection totem.

Mode Players needed
Default 13
Mad 12
Noreveal 15
Charming 12
Sleepy 15
Classic 12
Masquerade 18

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