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You are an augur. It is your job to detect the wolves, you may have a vision once per night. Use see <nick> to see which team a player is on.

The augur is able to determine what side a player is on by using see <nick> in PM at night. Similar to the detective, their true side at the current time is revealed with 100% accuracy. A blue aura indicates the player is on the village team, a red aura indicates wolf team (including cultists and minions), and a grey aura indicates a true neutral role (fool, crazed shaman, jester, monster, etc.) Be wary about trusting blues though, as lycans will show as blue before they turn, and lovers with wolf partners may have ulterior motives...

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 20
Foolish 15
Aleatoire 15
Alpha 17
Rapidfire 15
Masquerade 6

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