Crazed shaman

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You are a crazed shaman. You can select a player to receive a random totem each night by using give <nick>. You may give yourself a totem, but you may not give the same player a totem two nights in a row. If you do not give the totem to anyone, it will be given to a random player.

The crazed shaman is similar to the shaman in that they give a totem away every night by using give <nick> in PM. Like the shaman, they cannot give a totem to the same person multiple nights in a row. Unlike the shaman, they are not told which totem they are giving away, so it is completely random. The crazed shaman is seen as such by the seer but is seen as a villager by the oracle. The crazed shaman cannot win, and games played as crazed shaman do not count towards your win rate.

The crazed shaman can have every totem, all with the same frequency. For a list of totems, see Totem types

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 9
Alpha 16
Mudkip 11
Drunkfire 12
Masquerade 21

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