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You are an alpha wolf. Once per game following the death of another wolf, you can bite someone by using bite <nick> to turn them into a wolf. You may also use kill <nick> to kill a villager.

The alpha wolf acts like a normal wolf, able to use kill <nick> in PM. Additionally, they have a once-per-game ability that they can use the night after a wolf role dies. That night, they can use the bite <nick> command in PM which will turn their target into a wolf at the end of the night. An alpha wolf using the bite command can still use the kill command.

!stats will still show the roles as if the bitten person never turned, meaning nobody knows who it was. People immunized by the doctor are killed instead of being bitten and those protected for any reason (such as guardian angel) will make the bite fail. If either of those cases happen, you can bite again on a subsequent night provided another wolf role dies.

Certain roles, when bitten by the alpha wolf, turn into a far more powerful wolf. Guardian angels turn into fallen angels, a role which can bypass all forms of protection. Seers, oracles, and augurs turn into doomsayers, a wolf role with the ability to predict someone's doom. Shamans and crazed shamans turn into wolf shamans, a wolf-aligned shaman with the ability to kill.

Targeting the same person with both bite and kill is not recommended; the kill will be ignored and only the bite will (potentially) be effective.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Alpha 10
Guardian 12

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