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You are a doomsayer. You can see how bad luck will befall someone at night by using see <nick> on them. You may also use kill <nick> to kill a villager.

The doomsayer is able to peer into the future and see how bad luck will befall someone, sealing their fate. They can use see <nick> in PM to either kill that nick that night, inflict them with lycanthropy the following night (meaning if wolves attack them they will turn into wolf), or make them incredibly ill for the next day (meaning they are unable to vote as if wounded or perform any other action as if silenced). In addition to their see power, they can kill like any other wolf by using kill <nick> in PM. The doomsayer can both see and kill in the same night. Seers, oracles, and augurs turn into this role if bitten by the alpha wolf.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mudkip 9

Other gamemodes where doomsayer is likely to appear are alpha if alpha wolf bites the oracle or augur, or guardian if alpha wolf bites the seer.

The doomsayer also can show up in sleepy if priest is killed while seer is still alive. Seer will turn into doomsayer with a 3/4 frequency in that case. This is a sleepy-specific mechanic, not part of the priest role.