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You are a priest. Once per game during the day, you may bless someone with bless <nick> to prevent them from being killed. Furthermore, you may consecrate the dead during the day with consecrate <nick> to settle down restless spirits and prevent the corpse from rising as undead; doing so removes your ability to participate in the vote that day.

The priest has two abilities, both of which are used during the daytime. Once per game, the priest may use bless <nick> in PM to give the target their blessing. A blessed nick always counts as being protected, meaning they would need to be killed twice in the same night or lynched in order to die. The person they bless is told they are being blessed, but not by whom. The priest may not bless themselves. Additionally, the priest may use consecrate <nick> in PM to consecrate the body of a dead player. If used on a vengeful ghost, that ghost will be unable to kill the following night. Should the priest use this ability, they will be unable to participate in the vote that day, and are not counted towards the villager count in terms of determining win conditions (such as if they had been shot by gunner or given narcolepsy totem).

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Sleepy 10
Mudkip 12
Masquerade 24

In sleepy, the priest is also always given the prophet and blessed villager roles. For this reason, priest, prophet, and blessed villager are often conflated, but they are entirely separate roles. If priest is killed in this game mode, seer, cultist, and harlot may turn into corrupted versions of their roles. Please see sleepy for details.

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