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You are a gunner and hold a gun that shoots special silver bullets. You may only use it during the day by typing !shoot <nick> in channel. Wolves and the crow will die instantly when shot, but anyone else will likely survive. You have 2 bullets.

A gunner is given a gun that shoots special silver bullets. They can use the gun by using shoot <nick> in channel during the day. If a wolf role is shot, they die immediately, unless they are werekitten or tough wolf. When shooting a werekitten the bullet will always miss, and when shooting a tough wolf the wolf will only be injured, not killed. Every other role has a small chance of dying but will probably just be wounded instead, including non-wolf roles aligned with the wolf team. A wounded person is unable to participate in the vote and will cause the number of wolves vs villagers to be recalculated to determine if the wolf team wins. The gunner also has a chance to miss and for the gun to explode, killing the gunner. When someone is a gunner as their primary role, they win with the village.

Gunner may also be given as a secondary role. In this case, wolf team roles, fools, jesters, lycans, priests and wild children may never be the gunner.

If a gunner is killed by the wolves at night and they have bullets remaining, they have a 25% chance to kill a wolf. If there are still bullets remaining after that (regardless of whether gunner shot), the wolves will pick up the gun and have 1 bullet at their disposal. A wolf gunner's bullet will always miss if they try to shoot a fellow wolf. In the random and maelstrom game modes, wolves can start out with a gun, and they will have the same amount of bullets as a regular gunner would.

When shooting a player that isn't a wolf, the odds of hitting are 75% vs. 20% miss. The other 5% of the time, the gunner will explode. If the gunner hits, there is a separate 20% chance it will be a headshot and kill the other player anyway.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 21
Foolish 12
Mad 8
Lycan 17
Aleatoire 10
Charming 10, 24
Sleepy 21
Classic 10
Rapidfire 10
Drunkfire 8 (5), 10, 12, 14, 16
Guardian 13
Masquerade 11,20

The gunner at 21p in sleepy is guaranteed to always be a drunk gunner.

The gunner in aleatoire can never be a sharpshooter.

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