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You are a wolf gunner and hold a gun. You may only use it during the day by typing shoot <nick> in channel. If you shoot at a wolf, you will intentionally miss. If you shoot a villager, it is likely that they will die. You may also use kill <nick> during the night to kill a villager.

The wolf gunner is a wolf that holds a gun. This is usually a secondary role, which is given to a random wolf after killing the gunner or sharpshooter at night. The wolf gunner will steal a loaded gun with only a single bullet, no matter how many the original gunner held. Wolves with the Killer category are able to steal the gun (or be shot) at night. This is any wolfteam role with access to the !kill command.

The gunner has a 25% chance of shooting and killing a random wolf at night when targeted. If there are no bullets remaining after this, wolves will not get the gun. Gunner will always miss the werekitten, and only injure but not kill the tough wolf. In either of these cases, the nick of the person shot at will not be revealed.

Wolf gunners have modified shoot odds compared to normal gunners. The exact odds are 70% hit, 30% miss. When hitting, there is a 60% chance the hit will be a headshot. Wolf gunners cannot explode. Wolf gunners will always intentionally miss if aiming at another wolf.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mad 20
Drunkfire 8,10,14
Guardian 19

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