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You are a sharpshooter and hold a gun that shoots special silver bullets. You may only use it during the day by typing !shoot <nick> in channel. Wolves and the crow will die instantly when shot, and anyone else will likely die as well due to your skill with the gun. You have 1 bullet.

Sharpshooter is not an additional gunner role, but rather, for each sharpshooter in the role set, one of the gunners could be a sharpshooter instead with a 20% chance. Sharpshooters get fewer bullets than regular gunners (1 bullet at 4–16 players and 2 bullets at 17–24 players), but they always hit their target and their target will always die regardless of whether or not they are a wolf, unless they are a werekitten, in which case the bullet will miss. Wolf team roles, fools / jesters, lycans, priests and wild children may never be the sharpshooter. If a sharpshooter is killed by the wolves at night and they have bullets remaining, they have a 25% chance to kill a wolf. If that does not happen, the wolves will pick up the gun and have 1 bullet at their disposal. Unlike the sharpshooter, however, the wolves won't have a 100% chance at hitting, and the bullet will always miss if they try to shoot a fellow wolf. In the random and maelstrom game modes, wolves can start out with a gun, and they will have the same amount of bullets as a regular sharpshooter would.

Appearances in game modes

Sharpshooter can appear in any mode with gunner, except for aleatoire.

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