Fallen angel

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You are a fallen angel. Your sharp claws will rend any protection the villagers may have, and will likely kill living guardians as well. Use kill <nick> to kill a villager.

The fallen angel is a very rare role that only appears under specific circumstances. The guardian angel will turn into this role if they are successfully bitten by the alpha wolf. This corrupted version of the GA can kill like a wolf and will go right through any form of protection (including monster), killing the player being protected anyway. All bodyguards guarding that player will die, while any guardian angels have a 50% chance of surviving. All guardian angels are also given the assassin template upon turning into fallen angel.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Masquerade 20

The fallen angel usually does not show up by default. Instead, it appears in modes with alpha wolf and guardian angel/bodyguard present. These modes are alpha if alpha wolf bites the guardian angel, or guardian if alpha wolf bites the bodyguard.

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