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You are an assassin. Choose a target with target <nick>. If you die you will take out your target with you. If your target dies you may choose another one.

During the night, the assassin selects a target by using target <nick> in PM. If the assassin would die for any reason other than idling out/quitting, they kill their selected target as well. If their target dies and the assassin is still alive, they may select a new target the following night. Assassins may not change which target they have selected otherwise. If an assassin forgets to pick a target on a night they are allowed to, it will pick a random target for them automatically.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mad 17
Aleatoire 13,22
Alpha 19
Charming 16
Mudkip 16
Rapidfire 8,15
Drunkfire 14

Possible base roles

The assassin can be assigned to most non-wolf roles that are seen by werecrow as staying home. The exact definition, in terms of role categories is the following:

All - Nocturnal + Killer - Spy + Wolfchat - Wolf - Innocent - Team_Switcher - {"traitor"}