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Tick tock! Since the time lord has died, day will now only last 60 seconds and night will now only last 30 seconds!

If the time lord dies, the day and night timers are reduced significantly. Day drops to 60 seconds total, and night to 30 seconds. The time lord is seen as a villager by the seer and oracle. The time lord is a hidden role, meaning that not even the player who is the time lord knows their own role until they die or the detective IDs them. Multiple time lords dying does not have any additional effect.

The time lord wins with the village and is told that they are a villager at night.

When time lord is active, warnings for idling night will not be given out. Additionally, neither the message when night is almost over nor the PM warning will be sent.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mad 22
Aleatoire 21
Rapidfire 10,18

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