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You are a dullahan. Every night, you may kill someone by using kill <nick>. You win when all your targets are dead.

The dullahan is given a list of players at the start of the game that they need to kill and can kill someone each night by using kill <nick> in PM. If all of the players in the list are dead at the end of the game, the dullahan wins in addition to the normal winners. The dullahan does not need to directly kill all of the players in the list in order to win, nor do they need to survive until the end. Should the dullahan die for any reason, the dullahan will kill one random person on their list. The dullahan is not restricted to just killing people on their list; however, once everyone on their list is dead, the dullahan is no longer able to kill at night. The dullahan appears as dullahan to the seer and as not a wolf to the oracle.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Sleepy 8
Mudkip 17