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This page details answers to questions and clarifications that are viewed to be helpful and relevant to a majority of Werewolf players. These are generally related to how the bot works and how/why things are done, rather than going over specific gameplay tips which vary from network to network.

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Are wolf kills always listed first? Is a lover committing suicide always listed immediately after the person they were in love with?

No. Kills performed during night are in an essentially random order. After all night kills are printed to the channel, chained deaths occur in order.

What roles can never be cursed?

Real wolves (i.e. ones that have access to !kill, and wolf cub), monsters, mad scientists, seers, oracles, fools, and jesters may never be cursed. All other roles have the ability to be cursed.

Real wolves (with exception of werekitten), monsters, and mad scientists are always seen as wolf anyway, so being cursed would be pointless for them. For werekitten, being cursed would largely defeat the purpose of the role. Fools and jesters win by being voted during the day, and being cursed would give them a needless large advantage towards accomplishing that, possibly to the detriment of everyone else (for fool). Seers and oracles are the only roles that are impacted by cursed villagers; if they themselves could be cursed that means there is a possibility that there is nobody lying in wait to confuse their senses, increasing overall village power.

Multiple people targeted the Vengeful Ghost, what team are they on?

If a wolf-aligned vengeful ghost kills another vengeful ghost, that new VG will join the village team (and will therefore kill wolves). Otherwise, non-wolf kills (such as hunter, death totem, etc.) take priority over wolf kills for determining which side they join. All kills done by players who are not wolf-aligned will cause the VG to be wolf-aligned, even if the kill was done by a neutral role. Should the vengeful ghost suicide due to being in love, they will take revenge on whatever team killed their lover according to the above rules.

If a wolf-aligned role kills the Vengeful Ghost through a means other than wolf kill, what team are they on?

Some wolf aligned roles such as hag and warlock can be assassin. Vengeful Ghost will join the team against the primary role of the person who killed them. This means that if a hag-assassin kills the Vengeful Ghost, the ghost will be village-aligned. Ghost is also village aligned if they are death totemed by a Wolf shaman, doomed by a doomsayer, or shot by a wolf gunner.

When harlot visits a lycan targeted by wolves (or someone bitten by alpha wolf), what happens?

Lycans targeted by wolves or anyone bitten by alpha wolf turns at the beginning of the day. This means that if a harlot visits them the night before they turn, the harlot will survive. Once they turn, they are treated as normal wolves and will kill any visiting harlots. This is a special case in terms of harlot visiting the victim of the wolves -- wolves will not kill a visiting harlot even if they are targeting a lycan victim, as that would give the village information that the person the harlot visited was the lycan.