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These are commands that all players can execute. Parameters wrapped in angle brackets <like so> are required. Parameters wrapped in square brackets [like so] are optional. The prefix ! is used here, as it is the default, but it may differ based on what the bot operator configured.

Pre-game commands

!join [game mode]

Aliases: !j

Joins you to the game, and votes for the given game mode. Has no effect if you are already joined. 25 seconds of wait time is automatically added to delay when the game can be started, unless you already joined and left that game earlier. If the game is not started within 60 minutes of the first person that used !join, the game is automatically canceled.

!game <game mode>

Aliases: !vote, !v

Votes for the given game mode. Can only be used while joined.


Aliases: !modes

Shows the available game modes.


Aliases: !v

Shows which game modes have been voted for and which is likely to be picked. If a game mode is bold, it is a valid candidate to be selected by the bot. If a game mode has votes but is not bold, either it is majority-only and there are not yet a majority of votes for the mode, or the mode has player size restrictions and there are either too few or too many players joined.


Votes to start the game. Depending on the number of players joined, multiple people may be required to !start in order for the game to begin. This command is rate-limited and may only be used once every 10 seconds. If there is a majority vote for a game mode and that mode is a valid choice for the current number of players, that mode will be chosen (in the event of a tie, one of the tied modes is chosen at random). If there is no majority, the mode played is determined randomly, with voted modes being more likely to appear than modes that were not voted.


Aliases: !w

Adds 30 seconds of wait time to the clock. Wait time prevents the game from being started until it elapses. This command is rate-limited on a token based system: each game starts with 2 tokens, each use consumes one token, and a token regenerates every 60 seconds. At most 3 tokens can be stored at once, and if there are no tokens available the command cannot be used. Has no effect if you are not joined.


Aliases: !leave

Leaves the game. Has no effect if you are not joined.


Shows how much time is left on the wait timer or until the game is canceled.


Aliases: !r

Retracts your game mode vote. Has no effect if you have not voted for a game mode.


Shows the list of players joined to the game. Useful for getting everyone's attention if the game is about to begin, assuming their IRC clients are set up to alert them whenever their nick is mentioned.

!roles [game mode] [player count]

Displays the list of roles for the specified mode, or for the default mode if no mode is specified. If a player count is given, it will only show which roles exist for that player count.

In-game commands

!lynch <nick>

Aliases: !vote, !v

Votes to lynch the nick. Can only be used during the day. The nick will be lynched if over half of the players vote for them. As a special-case, in the default game mode at 9 players or less, one can !vote the bot's nick if they suspect that there are no wolves and the bot is killing off players instead (a "villager game"). Villager games are disabled by default, and voting the bot nick has no effect if it is disabled or a different mode is being played. See here for more information on the villager game mode.


Aliases: !v

Shows the current votes to lynch and to abstain. Votes will be listed here even if they are not counted, e.g. from impatience or pacifism totems. Votes counted twice such as via influence totem will still only appear once.


Aliases: !abstain, !nl, !abs

Votes to not lynch anyone this day. Can only be used during the day, and only once per game. Unlike a vote to lynch which requires more than half of the players to vote, voting to not lynch requires ≥ 50% of the players, meaning it can be used to break ties and prevent daytime from timing out.


Informs you of your role in PM. This command can be issued in channel or in PM, but will always reply in PM.


This command serves two purposes. First, it lists out all of the players that are still alive in the game, and can serve as a means to alert them or get their attention should that become necessary. Second, it displays information about which roles are in play. This command is rate-limited if issued in channel, but may also be sent in PM at any time.

!roles [game mode] [player size]

Functions almost the same as pre-game !roles, except that instead of the default mode being listed if there is no mode specified, the current game mode is listed instead.


Aliases: !r

If issued in channel, retracts your vote to lynch or abstain. Certain roles have the ability to use !retract in PM in order to retract whatever it is their role does, how retract works in those cases is listed on each individual role entry that is able to use the command in PM.

!shoot <nick>

Shoots the nick with a silver bullet, provided you have a gun and have bullets remaining. You cannot shoot yourself. The individual role message sent to you by the bot will detail what happens when you shoot someone.


Shows how much time is remaining in the current phase (night or day). This command is rate-limited if issued in channel, but may also be sent in PM at any time.


Aliases: !j

If you are dead or not playing, joins you to the deadchat. Has no effect if you are playing and are not dead.


Aliases: !leave

Leaves the game in progress, automatically giving you one game of stasis. To prevent accidental quits after a game starts, the command cannot be used during the first 10 seconds of the game. Only use this command if you really need to leave and will not be back before the idle timer would kill you.

If you are not in the game, but are in deadchat, makes you leave deadchat. This does not give you stasis.


If you have a different nick logged into the same account that is playing, this swaps you into the game and makes that nick leave the game. You inherit that nick's role. This command is useful for cases where your old session may be a ghost, or if you changed devices while your old one is still connected.

!goat <nick>

Sends a goat to violently interact with the given nick.



Toggles your deadchat preference. If on, you will automatically join deadchat when you die. If off, you will not automatically join deadchat when you die and must !join it manually.


Toggles your notice preference. If on, the bot will send messages to you via /NOTICE. If off, the bot will send messages to you via /PRIVMSG. Some IRC clients display notices in the current channel or a server tab instead of a separate PM window.

!pingif [number]

If number is omitted, displays your current pingif preference. If a number is given, sets your pingif preference to that number (removing it if 0). When you are not /away and someone joined a game to raise it to number or higher players, the bot will automatically say your name ("ping" you).

Miscellaneous commands


Aliases: !ops

Alerts all of the bot admins who are not /away that you need assistance. Can be sent in PM to get a list of admins without alerting them.


Aliases: !pony, !cat

Flips a coin. Decisions should not be based on this command. The pony alias flips a pony rather than a boring old coin. The cat alias flips a cat, which always lands on its feet.

!gamestats [game mode] [player count]

Aliases: !gstats

If no parameters are given, shows how many games where played at each player count for the default game mode. If a mode is given without a player count, shows how many games were played at each player count for the given mode. If both a mode and count are given, displays the win breakdown of games for that mode and size.

!help [command]

If no parameters are given, shows a list of commands. If a command is given, displays help text for the given command.


Displays a random message from the bot, useful to see if you are experiencing any lag or are still connected to the server. Can be issued in PM as well.

!playerstats [nick] [role]

Aliases: !p, !mystats [role], !m [role]

If no nick is given, or if using the !mystats or !m aliases, displays how many games the player issuing the command played in each role. If a nick is given, displays how many games that player played in each role. If a nick and a role are given (or just a role for !mystats/!m), displays the win breakdown for that player with the given role.


Displays the channel/game rules.


Displays your current amount of stasis. For more information, please see the article on stasis.

!wiki <role>

Looks up the role on the wiki and outputs information for it. The data is taken from the roles page.


Warnings are given automatically whenever you do things like leave during a game or idle out, or they can be given out by admins for various reasons. For more information, please see the article on warnings.

!warn ack <id>

Acknowledges the given warning. Once all of your warnings are acknowledged, you can !join the game again (you cannot join if you have unacknowledged warnings).

!warn list [-all] [page]

Displays the list of warnings that you have received. If -all is not specified, only active (non-expired) warnings are shown. If -all is specified, expired warnings are additionally shown. 10 warnings are shown at a time, to view more the page parameter can be used to view other pages of warnings. Warnings are listed most recent first. You can view details on a particular warning in the list by using !warn view.

!warn view <id>

Views details about the given warning.

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