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You are a succubus. You may entrance someone and make them follow you by visiting them at night. If all alive players are entranced, you win. Use visit <nick> to visit a player or pass to stay home. If you visit the victim of the wolves, you will die.

The succubus attempts to entrance all other players by visiting them at night using visit <nick> in PM. The succubus can also remain home by using pass in PM. Entranced players can no longer win with their team, but instead can only win if the succubus wins or if they have their own alternate win conditions (such as staying alive until the end of the game). If all alive players are entranced, the succubus and all entranced players (both dead and alive) will receive a win and the game will immediately end. The succubus is seen as wolf by the seer and oracle and can never be headshot by the gunner or sharpshooter, although they can still be injured.

A succubus visiting the victim of the wolves will die, however a succubus visiting a wolf will entrance that wolf and stay alive. If there are multiple succubi in play, they win as a team and share entranced players, and are told who each other are at the beginning of each night. If all succubi idle out, entranced players revert to their original win condition.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mudkip 15

In sleepy game mode, harlot appears at 18 players. Harlot may turn into a succubus with 75% frequency if the prophet/priest is killed.

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