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You are a harlot. You may spend the night with one person per round. If you visit a victim of a wolf, or visit a wolf, you will die. You may stay home by visiting yourself. Use visit <nick> to visit a player.

The harlot is able to visit someone at night by using visit <nick> in PM. They may choose to stay home by using pass in PM. The visited player is informed they are being visited and by whom in PM. Should the harlot visit the victim of the wolves, they will die in addition to the victim. Harlots will also die when visiting wolf roles. If the wolves select the harlot as a target and that harlot is visiting someone else, they will not successfully kill them.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Default 8
Foolish 8
Mad 15
Alpha 10
Charming 8
Sleepy 18
Classic 8

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