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You are a piper. You can select up to two players to charm each night. The charmed players will know each other, but not who charmed them. You win when all other players are charmed. Use charm <nick1> and <nick2> to select the players to charm, or charm <nick> to charm just one player.

The piper attempts to charm all other players. They can charm up to two players each night using charm <nick1> [[and] <nick2>] in PM. Charmed players are told who all of the other charmed players are once day breaks, but not who the piper is. If the piper survives until daytime and manages to charm every other alive player, they win. If the piper would win at the same time as another team, the piper takes precedence. Lovers of the piper win with them, however other lovers do not. Charmed players keep their original role and do not gain any additional powers by being charmed. Additionally, charmed players do not win if the piper wins. The piper is seen as a villager by the seer and oracle.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Charming 5

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