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This is my idea notepad for lykos, basically. Note that this is mostly brainstorming and not always fully-formed ideas. Stuff may or may not make sense in the context of the bot, or it may also make sense only to me. Just poke me for questions.

I can't do wiki formatting, so the unedited, monospaced, properly formatted text version is over here.

New roles:

- Masons: Villagers who know each other

- Greater wolf: May eat a second person every night as long as no wolf has died

- Ancient: Needs to be attacked twice by wolves to die

- Thief: Can exchange roles with someone each night

- Feuder: Exchanges the roles of two other players each night

- Crooked judge: Can force a second vote once per game

- Lone wolf: Can kill a wolf every other night, must win alone

- Witch: Can save or kill someone once per game

- Arsonist: Can burn down a house. If someone is awake, they will escape and survive, else they have a random chance of being awoken and surviving. If wolves attack a burning house, one of them will die

Night phase names:

- Twilight: Roles that can affect other roles (e.g. shaman, hag)

- Dusk: Informational roles (e.g. seer, mystic)

- Evening: Roles that reveal information (e.g. harlot, prophet)

- Curfew: Protective roles (e.g. guardian angel, bodyguard)

- Midnight: Ambiguous roles (e.g. turncoat, clone)

- Howling: Main wolves killing

- High moon: Wolf-related actions (e.g. alpha bite, greater wolf)

- Pitch black: Other lethal roles (e.g. hunter, vigilante)

- Dawn: Standalone roles (e.g. piper, succubus)

- Morning: Game-changing roles (e.g. thief, arsonist)

Mechanic change: Village drunk as template

- Renaming Village drunk to simply Drunk

- The bartender can render people drunk

- Drunk gunner still operates as normal

- Drunk seer randomly sees a neighboor of the person they're trying to see, but it doesn't tell them

- Drunk GA randomly guards a neighboor of the person they're trying to guard, but it doesn't tell them

- Drunk killer (wolf, werecrow, hunter, etc.) has a chance to wake up the person they're targeting (and thus having them escape)

- Mystic/wolf mystic gets anywhere between n-1 and n+2 of the actual number

- FA doesn't pierce protection

- Doomsayer doesn't know what happened to whoever they saw

New mechanic: Houses

- Players are randomly assigned a house (or not) at beginning of game, which are public

- By default (currently) everyone is in a non-special house

- Some roles need the person to leave their house, in which case they're not home

- Neighboors are calculated through join order; homeless people are skipped

- Homeless people are all considered to be neighboors to each other (mad scientist becomes deadly if homeless)

- When someone dies, their house becomes vacant. The landlord can give an empty house to a homeless villager

- The owner of the church can ask whoever to come confess, revealing their role to only them

- The barber can slit someone's throat; if it's a wolf the barber survives, otherwise the village kills them instantly

- The baker automatically sees a random person outside every night (wolf, harlot, GA, thief, etc.) but can't distinguish their role

- The maid serves one of her neighboors, and so when they die she gets their role revealed to her only

- The sheriff can imprison someone every day; they can't act nor can they be attacked for the day and night. A burning sheriff office takes the life of anyone imprisoned

- The bartender can make people drunk for the remainder of the game

- The executioner is the only person who sees the roles of lynched players (if there is no alive player occupying this house, the role is publicly revealed)

- The innkeeper can host a person once per day, ???

New mechanic: Full moon (random events)

- Every day/night cycle, there's a chance of a random event occuring

- The Spectre: The next player targeted by the wolves joins wolfchat, becomes a wolf, a picks a wolf to die (during High moon phase)

- Burial: The roles of the victims of the roles are not revealed for the rest of the game

- Insomnia: Every information during Dusk phase is publicly revealed (but not who, e.g. "The seer has seen a wolf." but not who is wolf)

- Enthusiasm: If the next lynched person is a wolf or a win stealer (same restrictions as vigilante), there is a second vote phase immediately

- Miracle: The last victim of the wolves isn't really dead; they come back the next day as a villager (prevents said player from using revealroles)

- Decision: Votes may not be changed or retracted for the day

- Backlash: If wolves target a regular villager, that player becomes a wolf; otherwise, the next wolf (in join order) dies

- Discontent: If the next lynched person isn't a wolf or win stealer (same restrictions as vigilante), there is a second vote phase immediately

- Cultist: A random village-aligned player becomes cultist

- Neighborhood: Every role must act on one of their neighboors (one of any wolf's neighboor if wolves killing)

- Flood: The village is split into two equal halves; roles must act on the half they're part of (need at least 6 players), also skips vote

Roles per phases:

Wolf Howling

Alpha Wolf Howling (kill), High moon (bite)

Werecrow Howling (kill), Dusk (observe)

Werekitten Howling

Wolf Mystic Howling (kill), Dusk (info)

Wolf Shaman Howling (kill), Twilight (give)

Fallen Angel Howling

Doomsayer Howling (kill), Pitch black (see)

Wolf Cub <None>

Traitor <None>

Hag Twilight

Sorcerer Dusk

Warlock Twilight

Minion Dusk (first night only)

Cultist <None>

Seer Dusk

Oracle Dusk

Harlot Evening

Shaman Twilight

Hunter Pitch black

Vigilante Pitch black

Augur Dusk

Detective <Day>

Investigator <Day>

Prophet Evening

Guardian Angel Curfew

Bodyguard Curfew

Priest <Day>

Doctor <Day>

Mad Scientist <None>

Mystic Dusk

Matchmaker Evening (first night only)

Village Drunk <None>

Time Lord <None>

Villager <None>

Jester <None>

Fool <None>

Crazed Shaman Twilight

Dullahan Pitch black

Monster <None>

Piper Dawn

Amnesiac <None>

Turncoat Midnight

Clone Midnight (first night only)

Lycan <None>

Wild Child Midnight (first night only)

Vengeful Ghost Pitch black

Succubus Dawn

Demoniac <None>

New roles and phases:

Masons Dusk (first night only)

Greater Wolf Howling (first kill), High moon (second kill)

Ancient <None>

Thief Morning

Feuder Morning

Crooked Judge <Day>

Lone Wolf Howling (wolf kill), Pitch black (lone kill)

Witch High moon

Arsonist Morning

If lone wolf is present, wolfchat must be disabled during Pitch black phase (or potentially longer)