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The recent fail of a relay bot gave me this idea, partial credit goes to ASM.

Introduce new flag +p (plugin), if granted gives access to the following command:

!register nick [channel][,private][,silent]
Registers the sender as a relay for nick. The list following is the relay capabilities that are enabled for that nick. By default, the sender can send commands on behalf of nick and get replies (which are then forwarded to nick). Replies will also be sent to the actual nick unless either the silent or channel capabilities are set. The silent capability simply makes the bot respond only to the plugin/relay and not to the actual nick when the bot would send things to the relay. The private capability makes the bot send things such as night messages to the relay. The channel capability makes the bot forward channel messages to the relay. If the channel capability is set, nick is turned into a fakenick, and the sender is expected to relay channel messages from that nick to the channel (i.e. the nick is not presumed to be connected to IRC). The bot will join the fakenick to the game, and will prefix it with an identifier for the plugin.