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Nightmares are Fun, but they can be challenging. Nightmares always come 1 minute after night starts, meaning you have exactly 1 minute to escape.

There are three paths through the forest, one correct and two fake. These paths do not change if you guess wrong. If you guess wrong, you loop back to the beginning "You find yourself back where you started..."

  • When starting, you can only go north, east, or west. You can never go south at the beginning.
  • Use the single-letter aliases n, e, s, and w to move instead of typing them out. You're already crunched for time, don't type extra letters.
  • Ignore anything that isn't the nightmare, such as someone pinging you or wolfchat. It can wait.
  • After moving, you can never go back the way you came. For example, if you go east your next move cannot be to go west.
  • Don't read the text, there is no time for it. Just look for "You find yourself back where you started..." -- if you don't see that, then you're (maybe) on the right track.
  • Do a depth-first search. Some paths may have the same beginning but branch later, so keep trying all possibilities in a deep branch until you run out of them. For example one path may be west-north-north and another west-north-east. If you find that west and north are good, check ALL of w n w, w n n, and w n e before trying something else.
    • A depth-first search means that you go as deep as you can on a known-good path until you eliminate that path, then pick something else. In the example above, that could be w s (fail), w n e (fail; false path), w n n (fail; false path), w n w (fail), w w (fail), n (fail), e n (fail), e e n (fail), e e e (pass).
  • Don't randomly guess, instead pick an order (such as going n e s w in order each try) so that you always can remember what you have and have not tried before. You don't have time to re-do things you've previously tried and failed at.