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freenode[edit | edit source]

##werewolf[edit | edit source]

The biggest Werewolf IRC channel powered by lykos. This is the primary/official instance of the bot. Most active developers are in there, as well as #lykos on the same network.

EsperNet[edit | edit source]

#Werewolf[edit | edit source]

This channel is semi-active

LizardIRC[edit | edit source]

#werewolf[edit | edit source]

Another semi-active channel that follows freenode's rules. It is also used by the people there for finding bugs and playing with experimental rolesets.

KampungChat[edit | edit source]

#werewolf[edit | edit source]

Gameplay is in the Malaysian language and the time zone is UTC+8 (Kuala Lumpur).

42Net[edit | edit source]

#werewolf[edit | edit source]

A semi-active Werewolf channel, with the main rules that talking on channel in night is disallowed but to other players via PM or a secret teamchannel is. This instance also includes some miscellaneous changes.

AlphaChat[edit | edit source]

#wolf[edit | edit source]

People who are not participating or are dead are unable to speak in channel.