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Warnings can be given out automatically by the bot whenever you leave during a game in progress or you idle out. Additionally, admins may give out warnings for various reasons, such as spamming or other unwanted behavior. Each warning has a number of points associated with it, along with an expiration date. Some warnings do not expire. As you accrue more warning points, the bot will apply increasingly strict sanctions against you. Additionally, admins may manually give you sanctions when they give out warnings.

Warning points

Your total amount of warning points is calculated by adding up all of your active (non-expired) warnings. As this number increases, automatic sanctions become more strict.

Viewing warnings

You can view your warnings by issuing the !warn list command. It will show you your 10 most recent warnings by default. The command output will look something like the following:

You have 3 active warning points. You must acknowledge all warnings prefixed with ! by using "warn ack <id>" before you can join games.
! [#10 2016-06-25 01:00:00] Idling out during game. If you !join please pay attention to the channel and ensure that your client notifies you when highlighted. (1 point, expires on 2016-07-25 01:00:00)
[#8 2016-06-23 08:23:00] Spamming !goat. (2 points, never expires)

From this list, we can see the following:

  • Your current amount of warning points
  • Warning #10 started with !, which means it has not yet been acknowledged. In order to join a game, you must first acknowledge this warning by using !warn ack 10.
  • You can view the reasons why you were given any particular warning, and if you want more details on the warning you can use !warn view (for example, !warn view 8).
  • The time listed right after the warning number is the time the warning was given.
  • Warning #10 expires in a month, but warning #8 never expires.

To view a specific warning, !warn view can be used. For example, here is what !warn view 8 looks like:

Warning #8, given on 2016-06-23 08:23:00. 2 points. Currently active, never expires.
Spamming !goat.
Sanctions: denied goat.

We see much the same information as the list, however in this view we can also see any sanctions that were applied to this warning, such as stasis or denied commands. In this case, I was denied access to the !goat command, meaning I can no longer use it.


Warnings can have sanctions attached, which are things above-and-beyond the warning itself that may affect you. Currently, the following sanctions may be applied to warnings:

  • The warning can give you some amount of stasis. Note that stasis expiration is tracked separately from warning expiration (so if the warning expires before the stasis does, it will not remove any of that stasis).
  • The warning can prevent you from using various commands until it expires.
  • The warning can ban you for a period of time, either a set amount of time or until enough warnings expire to bring you down to a certain number of warning points.

Sanctions can either be applied automatically upon reaching certain warning point levels (see below), or they can be given out manually by admins.

Automatic sanctions

When you reach a certain amount of warning points, various sanctions may automatically apply according to the following table.

Warning points Sanctions
1 None
2 1 game of stasis
3 1 game of stasis
4 2 games of stasis
5 3 games of stasis
6 5 games of stasis
7 7 games of stasis
8 10 games of stasis
9 13 games of stasis
10+ Temporarily banned until enough warnings expire to bring you down to 5 warning points or below