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Stasis is a "time out" of sorts, preventing you from joining for a given number of games. In case no games have been played for a while, stasis also automatically expires at a rate of 1 hour per game (see the expiration section for exact details on how that works).

Getting stasis

Stasis can be applied to you as a sanction on warnings, either automatically by the bot or manually by an admin.

Removing stasis

Stasis can be removed in one of four ways:

  • Every time a game is started, your amount of stasis goes down by 1, even if you are not on the channel. Stasis going down this way does not impact when it expires.
  • The stasis can expire, at which point all remaining stasis you have is removed.
  • An admin can use the !fstasis command to reduce or remove your stasis.
  • An admin can use the !fjoin command to force-join you to the game. If you have exactly one game of stasis, it will remove that stasis.


Stasis expires in bulk at a rate of one hour per game. If you accrue additional stasis, it will extend the expiration time by that amount of games. The stasis expires in bulk, meaning that 1 game of stasis expires in 1 hour, but 3 games would take 3 hours to expire. The person with 3 games of stasis stays at 3 games of stasis until those 3 hours are up, at which point all 3 games expire (it does not drop to 2 games after 1 hour and 1 game after another hour).