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The origins of all roles

In the north of Germany, far away from any and all civilized population, there exists a small village with its name unknown. The village is by no means common, as some of the citizens have developed paranormal powers over time. A strange, unexplained mutation has happened within the hamlet. The villagers have observed strange silhouettes roaming the place at night. For those foreign with the village's various personalities, everyone will be described here.


Not everyone underwent a mutation in their physical form, nor did every citizen get paranormal senses. While they may have their importance, they're usually laid back to the back row, while the rest handle the more serious matters. It is most notably unknown at first sight whether someone is special or merely a villager.


After many of the townspeople had died in mysterious ways, this person started to have visions, dreams of wandering shadows. After some time, they learned to better control it, and now can associate the shadows with faces! They're able to identify most people's true identities, although some carefully remain hidden...


Fearing for their life, this person trained themself to better identify those who might be wolves. With the help of the dead, they can know whether someone is a wolf or not, but are not able to know their exact identity.

Village drunk

After losing their lover from their untimely death, this person started to drink their problems away, trying to forget and even ignore the looming threat. Being so drunk all the time, most of the townspeople trust them with their life, to the point of revealing their own power, as an attempt to help chase the menace away.


In these times of absolute darkness, some village members still wish to have fun. The harlot is one of such people, and will occasionally crash at people's places and sleep with them. They're usually trusted, as they can be seen spending the whole night with another person, and so do not raise suspicion too much. However, sleeping with random people has its consequences, and the lycanthropes might end up murdering the harlot if they are visited.

Guardian angel

This person sensed the emerging threat a long time ago, and, keeping their honor safe, went to try and protect the hamlet. They're able to prevent the enemy from harming someone, and will try to use their god-granted powers to guard everyone from the sleepless danger.


This townsperson doesn't have any paranormal senses, nor can they morph into anything. However, their will to protect the village from the menace is stronger than anything else, and they will often use their own body to allow another town member to survive, at least for a little bit longer...


Akin to the bodyguard, this person has no particular power. To compensate for this, they developed a powerful insight and knowledge of their peer, which lets them analyze the behaviour of some people, and out them as the village's enemies. They can always know what someone is, without even needing the help of higher spirits or the like. It usually takes them an entire day to out someone, but it's always fully accurate. While investigating someone, they might accidentally drop a paper, and some foes might be able to pick it up, noticing who's the detective.


In these times of danger, the friendliness that was once part of the village has vanished. To counter this, this town member has started to read the auras of others. It does take time and focus, but they're always able to tell with certainty if someone is against the village. They see through every disguise, and will always successfully tell the good from evil.


Shadows roam this villager's dreams. As they have found out over time, the shadows are not meaningless, rather, they're effectively able to see the evil members of the hamlet, although they're not able to tell who they are. They will often share this information with those they trust, helping their fellow villagers get rid of all evil within their community.

Time lord

No one really knows who this character is. They often walk in and out of their house, going at some unknown place. Their whereabouts are unknown, and some have reported a strange blue box on the outskirts of the village, where the time lord has been seen. Its existence or purpose intrigues many. When the time lord dies, the sun starts to move across the sky faster, days and nights pass without one even noticing, and nobody is even able to take a short nap. The true nature of the character is unknown.


With the looming possibility of ceasing to be at any moment, this person decided that they would make the big step, and get those two people together. It's been obvious from their perspective that both are meant to be together, yet none of them ever takes the first step. For their longing happiness, and before their likely untimely death, this villager moves forward and manages to match them together. But they soon realize that may not have been the wisest move...

Mad scientist

This odd character concocts chemical potions in their basement, as an attempt to make justice of their own against whoever tries to kill them. Sleeping only on one ear at night, they're usually able to flee their house, taking a potion in the meantime, should enemies get near. They're, however, too slow for the pursuers, and usually get killed, not without dropping their potion, potentially killing other people. They always carry one around with them, making sure to kill whoever they may think is dangerous, should their life be in great danger.


One of the longest-living members of this town, the hunter holds a powerful gun, able to kill anyone instantly. They will usually keep their possession concealed, as an attempt to protect themselves. At night, they will sometimes walk out of their house and head to kill someone in their sleep. The village cannot know for sure whether the hunter has spare ammunition, and so they often try to stay on their good side.


An old, wise person coming from a place unknown. They carry what they call totems, and will go and set one on someone's porch every night. Nobody really knows what these totems are or do, but the person living inside the house will get some unknown magical effect applied on them, which will last for an unknown time...


To counter the threat of lycanthropes, and the possibility of slowly morphing into a lycanthrope without one's consent, this person has developed a powerful counter-measure. They have a small number of shots left, and they wish to use them properly. Carrying them around unbeknownst to most, they can sometimes take a single person and administer a shot to them. This will ensure the person will die, rather than turning into a cursed foe, if they are ever bitten. They have to be careful, for in some circumstances, this might have unintended effects...


One of the strange mutations that happened within the village, the werewolves are often too numerous for the village's good, and use that to their advantage. The wolves attempt to conquer the village by incapaciting the more powerful villagers. When some other townsfolk started developing powers that could counteract the wolves, those had to find a way to merge into the villagers. That's when the villagers became even more wary of their enemies, who could be hidden in plain sight, right in the middle of the town...


The black crow seen flying around the village never alerted anyone before. But when the wolves have started appearing and inducing fear, black became a sign of evil and darkness, and everyone tried to get rid of the crow. It was too late however, for the wolves have managed to recruit the crow as their own, increasing both their number and power as an intimidating force. The crow serves as the wolves' spy, flying to houses overnight, seeing who could be there, and relaying that information...

Wolf cub

To ensure that their reign of terror lasted as long as possible, the wolves have started raising young pups which will eventually be able to, once mature, induce fear and paranoia into the village, with more certainty than a dice roll. As they're still not yet grown up, the adult wolves are careful to take care of them. They cannot kill, but should they be killed by the village, the wolves' anger will fuel additional killings...


Another strange mutation that occurred within the village: a cat got turned into a small werewolf. While smaller, it will still participate in the night raids to feast on tasty villager meat. Due to their nature of being a small kitten, the spirits will mistakenly believe that it's entirely pure, and so both the seer and oracle will fail to see through to the real identity. Gunners and the like will also miss, as per the agility that this werekitten has.

Alpha wolf

The great wolf, and holy father of all. The alpha wolf is the very first wolf to have gone through the mutation, and as such has developed the ability to infect non-wolves, recruiting more and more allies on to their side. Through getting bitten by the infectious wolf, one will slowly start to morph into an unholy werewolf, and will then join their cause and fight against the rest of the village with them, even against their former friends and allies.

Fallen angel

The strangest mutation to have ever happened within the town, this person once was a powerful, godly guardian angel. When the holy father of wolves, fittingly named alpha, bit them, their fingers started to grows sharp claws, and their wings slowly turned darker and menacing. Their former existence as a guardian of the village is far behind, and now they work against it. Due to their even sharper claws, they are able to rend any protection other villagers might have, killing whoever stands in their way to who they truly want to kill.

Wolf mystic

Unlike the mystic, this person sees visions of those who are fully against the wolves. They are able to kill as well with the other wolves, but will also be able to tell how many of the villagers have special powers. This gives them very powerful information against the villagers, and may greatly change the odds of the game...


They secretly root for the wolves, and even though they don't know each other, the cultists will try to overpower the village, along with the wolves. It is unknown who roots for what side in secret, or even how many of the townsfolk seek evil on that scale...


Not unlike the cultist, this person roots for the wolves to take over the village. However, they've learned to sneak around the village at night, and are able to identify the roaming wolves, and contact them to let them know they share the same goal. While they cannot kill, they will share the wolves' victory when the time comes.


Not unlike the cultists or minion, this villager aims for the lycanthropes to take over the hamlet. However, they have actively sought out the wolves. They have started undergoing physical changes, and will often turn quite angry should their former masters die, turning into a werewolf themselves. While they have not finished going through their physical mutation, the seer and oracle will be fooled into thinking that they are a villager.


Older than all and oldest of all, the ancient arcanes this person controls allows them to prevent anyone from using any of their abilities. They can stop the spirit-guided visionaries from using them, and the clever detective from investigating anyone. They have decided to give in their services to the lycanthropes, in hope of taking back the village they once inhabited.


Not being able to morph completely into a werewolf, they have insetad learned to control their mind, to detect if someone else has paranormal senses. They will aid wolves with that information, being able to more easily spot those trying to defend the village.


The warlock is backing the village's enemies, and will be able to apply a curse upon villagers, making them appear as wolves to the seer and oracle's visions. The curse applied on those people cannot be removed, and they will spend the rest of their short lives with it...


Blessed or cursed? They can't tell. They're trying to get the villagers to get rid of the wolves, while still trying to conceal their true identity... Should wolves target them, they will sense the energy coming from them, and will then be able to turn them into a lycanthrope of their own.


This person only cares about themself. They will shift their allegiance to anyone for as long as they can hold something beneficial from it. They will not hesitate to betray their friends to get to their means, for as long as they survive with the allegiance they've taken...

Vengeful ghost

Unknown to all, even moreso themselves, this townsfolk bears a rare curse: hate of death itself. Should they get killed, the gates of hell shan't open upon them, and instead, they shall be forced to roam in the world between the worlds. To exert revenge on those who sent them to the hell before hell, they will haunt the villagers and kill those who they believe to have killed them, one by one.


So much has happened in so little time, that this person doesn't even remember what they are. It will take some time, but after a few nights spent thinking of themself, they will remember their true role, and will finally be able to fully contribute to whatever goal they may have. While they don't know what they truly are, they will believe to be on the village's side, and against wolves.


Nameless and powerless, they decided to pick someone else in the village, and started to mimic all they do. Should that person die, they will have learned enough from their actions to take over their former abilities, and start behaving as if they were that person. For as long as they remain nameless, they do not care who manages to control the village in the end, so long as they are alive.

Crazed shaman

Not unlike the shaman, they own totems, and can give them out to various villagers, applying varying effects on the folks. However, unlike the shaman, they have many more totems to choose from, although they have not done their job in sorting them, and will never know what totem it is they're about to give out. They do not care which side manages to control the village, as long as they survive the fray.


A hamlet plagued by lycanthropes, with nobody trusting anyone, what kind of nightmare could this be? It has to be a nightmare, this can't be anything else, this person is convinced of it. They wish the nightmare to stop, and long to get the village to lynch them so they can escape this place. Should the village eventually lynch them, the fool's spirit will escape, and everyone will start wondering whether their lives are real, leading most of them to fall unconscious, and the fool will effectively have won against the odds, and everyone else will rot away.


The gates of hell are already opened for this sinner, and they must willingly give in to death to walk in through their fate. Should they get hung by the crowd's decision, they will gladly walk to the other side, and past the three-headed guardian.


Under the cover of a normal villager, a greater entity, the monster, will be hiding amongst the people. While apparently harmless, they will scare away wolves should they attempt to devour the monster. Should any one side manage to finally gain or regain control over the place, the monster will reveal their true identity and scare away everyone, effectively making the village's control their own.


Far and south of the small hamlet, the town of Hamelin was infested by rats. The town had hired a mysterious character, all covered in colorful clothing, to get rid of the rats, and did that job with great success. However, when the town refused to pay the piper for their services, they started to lead away the children, out of the town, never to return... Eventually, the piper was found and exiled out of the town. And so, the pied piper of Hamelin found their way into this small village, and decided to let out all of the anger on the townspeople, to ultimately take control of the town.

Cursed villager

Sometimes, a curse inexplicably falls upon some of the village's members... This causes both of the seer and oracle's visions to be shrouded in darkness, leading them to believe that the cursed person is a wolf. It is said that some dark spirit is playing with the currents of energy that the visionary villagers use, and this manages to confuse them further.


After studying some of the lycanthropes that have been killed, the villagers found out that silver bullets are really deadly against them, while remaining mostly nonlethal against non-wolves. Some folks have acquired a gun and a few of those silver bullets to defend themselves. Most of them don't know how to handle a gun, and so miss sometimes when shooting. While their true identity is unknown to most, the mere fact they hold a gun able to kill wolves usually makes them liked by the people.


Some of the village's gun-wielders peasants decided that just holding a gun wasn't enough. They began training with regular bullets on various targets, eventually becoming more and more skilled at aiming and using the gun. They take good care of their belonging, keeping it clean to make sure it fires straight, and doesn't blow up in their face. When they decide to use it, they will always hit and lethally injure the person they are shooting, due to their extensive training.


Once upon a time, before it was plagued by strange mutations, the village was as normal a village could be. This townsperson was the last to be elected as the mayor, before everything went down. Nobody remembers, but should they get lynched as per the crowd's wishes, they'll reveal this fact, and some will remember the trust everyone had in their mayor when the village performed the election. To show this, the village will not lynch them for that day.


Determined to make justice of their own, they sometimes sneak out at night and go to execute someone else in their sleep. Other people might see them, however, and decide that it be better if they weren't alive anymore. During the day, they can sometimes slit someone's throat in front of everyone, leading the rest of the village to dispose of them.


A businessman, coming from a place no one knows. They are able to manipulate some people as to make them seem like they are much more important than they really are. They have stronger power against those they do not like, as they're able to induce the rest of the village to lynch someone. However, most do not know whether or not they have another, hidden ability...

The origins of the game modes

There exist many timelines that encompass the situation of the isolated German hamlet. In each, one factor remains constant: the villagers must defend their home from the evil werewolves that look to take it over. However, their methods of doing so are not always set in stone, and occasionally, some disruptive visitors abuse the chaos for their own personal gain...


The standard model for the timeline, and the one that most timelines follow. In this instance, the seer is the first to step up to the threat, offering their visions to aid the village and separate the good from the evil. Soon, however, the seer finds that their power is not absolute; in some occasions, they have led the hamlet to lynch innocent villagers, which were somehow inexplicably seen as evil.

To aid in the crusade against the wolves, the seer recruits the town's shaman, who aids the seer by giving totems to protect and empower the innocent villagers, while hindering those who are evil. The harlot also tags along as an unreliable ally, mostly for the fun of sleeping with the townsmen. However, the wolves' influence proves to be a dominating force even with three empowered villagers standing in the way, and people begin turning to them. At first, they stumble upon a few cultists who help them control the village's decisions when enough innocents are hung. However, they soon find that some traitorous individuals are willing to seek them out directly, and undergo mutations to become wolves, should the evil presence in the town dwindle. With all of this chaos happening in such a short time, the village's more depraved totem hoarder - the "crazed" shaman - takes this opportunity to step in and add to the chaos by giving random, potentially harmful totems to anyone they feel like.

As the tides of control shift over to the wolves, who slowly grow in number, the town's well-meaning but misguided matchmaker decides to resume their usual service of wedding destined lovers together. After all, if their village is heading towards its demise, why not give the townsfolk a little bit of happiness before the end? While the town initially welcomes this warm addition to the otherwise dark atmosphere, they soon discover that even innocent townsmen can be corrupted by the power of love, and turn against the village should their lover be one of the village's enemies.

With the village distracted by these developments, no one notices when the wolves recruit an individual who has the power to turn into a menacing black crow at night and observe the nightly activity of the village's inhabitants. When important figureheads begin dying despite otherwise flawlessly blending in, the townsfolk decides that they need to pull themselves back together. Acknowledging the threat of the crow, they employ the help of a talented, yet clumsy, detective who could determine the true nature of any individual without fail. But even this effort was a day late and a dollar short, as some wolves had used the town's turmoil to toughen themselves up to be resistant to most conventional forms of killing, rendering them nearly impossible to take down... Or so the wolves thought, until they learned that all the training in the world meant nothing if somebody snuck up on them from behind at night and blew their head off. The town's hunter had finally come out of retirement - and they were looking to even the score and save their village.

With this back-and-forth restored and continuing between wolves and villagers, and the stakes remaining even as both sides consult the magical sect of the village, no one knows if there are greater entities, perhaps monsters, lurking in the dark, waiting for their opportunity to strike...


In an alternate universe, the wolves manage to bait out the seer and brutally murder them, displaying their remains near the town's hanging tree as a grim warning. Horrified by the situation, the villagers panic, running around town and crying about the end of days. While the vast majority of townsfolk eventually calm down, one decides that the situation is far too grim to comprehend, and begins to question their very existence. Wishing to leave the world, this person seeks for the village to lynch them, so that their spirit may escape and embrace the town with the very same existential crisis that plagued the last days of their life, that will inevitably cause everyone, wolves and villagers alike, to waste away.

Some village leaders eventually learn about the mental breakdown of this so-called fool, and decide to take action. The seer's loyal disciple, the oracle, steps up with the harlot to lead the village in their goal to eliminate the wolves while leaving the fool to their musings. The hunter, not amused by the fool's quirky antics, also steps out of their home early to eliminate not only the wolves earlier, but the fool as well, if they are foolish enough to raise their suspicions. The wolves are also aware of the threat of the fool, and recruit their second lycanthrope early to eliminate them as quickly as possible, but a shaman joins the fray soon after to counter this threat. Tagging alongside the shaman is the nameless yet dangerous clone, who mimics only one individual but may lie to multiple people to gain information for whoever they're copying.

Times have never been more uncertain, which is why the wolves begin raising little wolf cubs to secure future control over the hamlet. Fearing this development, the village leaders decide they need a way to quickly and efficiently kill those who they suspect are evil, and convince ordinary villagers to arm themselves special silver bullets that are fatal to wolves. Seeking more power, both sides confront the magical sect of the hamlet. The villagers recruit the augur, who can detect the alignment of any individual, outing them as decisively good, evil, or neutral. The werewolves recruit the sorcerer, who can detect the seer's stalwart follower and the augur, and allow the wolves to make examples of them as well. As the hamlet's leaders continue their detective work in finding and eliminating the werewolves, one individual among the chaos holds onto their mayor badge just in case, the insignia serving as a grim reminder of how drastically times had changed from the peaceful and stable lives they'd lived in the past. And even that likely wouldn't save them forever if they were to be suspected enough... Where did it all go so wrong?


On a dark, rainy night in this universe's hamlet, between the strikes of lightning that illuminate the village, the all-too-familiar home of the village's totem hoarder breaks into view. While in the process of creating more totems for emergency occasions, the shaman mixes the wrong magical potions together, and BOOM! A cloud of incapacitating white smoke forms, nearly choking them to death. The smoke eventually clears, and the shaman seems fine physically, but experiences drastic alterations to their once calm mental state, driving them insane. The shaman decides to take a different path in life, a path less traveled by those who exist in a magical world: the journey of a mad scientist. This scientist soon begins mixing new lethal solutions never known before, to satisfy their corrupted brain's dangerously creative urges.

Fast forward several years into the future, the mad scientist is still in their basement, creating dangerous chemical concoctions - no longer for fun, but for a twisted form of self-defense against the new threat of the werewolves and cultists or anyone who dares try to kill them. These malevolent intentions and their corrupted mental state conflict with the seer, who sees them as a threat to the village that must be eliminated, forcing them to stay hidden. Occasionally, the mad scientist can pull themselves together to work together with the seer, but soon, the wolves who were outed by the seer begin pretending to be mad scientists, instilling further distrust within the village. Over time, some villagers become so threatened by the mad scientist that they defect to the wolves for protection, betraying the village in their journey, while the village's emerging gunners only carry one bullet with them in the fear that they might accidentally shoot someone who can blow up their body with unstable solutions in a sadistic act of revenge. The wolves soon recruit the werecrow early to scout the village and ensure that they target the seer over somebody who could possibly kill them. The village drunk also emerges as a foil to the mad scientist, having no qualms about being open with their identity or even dying at the hands of the wolves.

As the days drag on, very few individuals with special powers step up to combat the threat, as they are all fearful of their lives near the volatile mad scientist. The detective steps up to identify the growing number of cultists and wolves in the village, but with very few other village leaders, they are often an easy target. The mad scientist's corrupted spirit even spreads to ordinary villagers, turning them into vengeful ghosts should they die, and adding to the overwhelmingly suffocating and uneasy nature of the hamlet. The village becomes oversaturated with ordinary villagers, causing innocents to die one after another, while days pass by with little discussion or action due to the lack of village leaders. And to think that all of this occurred because a shaman, one day, mixed the wrong potions and messed up their own psyche... how will the village ever survive this ordeal?


Underneath the hamlet in this timeline is a volatile mine containing radioactive material. While the cave has never bothered anyone before, the villagers became greedy, and struck into this mine to sell any precious metals they find there. As they dig deeper and deeper, however, they strike a critical pressure point outside of the mine, causing it to explode violently and unleash deadly radiation into the village. After the initial burst of light subsides, some lay dead, while others seem unaffected, at least until the night dawns, and the howls of werewolves are heard in the distance...

The burst of radiation has greatly mutated the villagers, causing them to gain various abilities, some of which are completely undocumented. Those with more powerful abilities deduce that the town is now threatened by newly-turned werewolves, and adjust their plans accordingly. However, with the variety of powers that everyone now has, it's hard to trust anyone, for the fear that they may secretly be a village enemy, or even worse, that they may be bitten and turn into wolves themselves. How will the hamlet survive this siege?


Similar to the Random timeline, the unfortunate hamlet lies over a radioactive mine. Seeking riches and fame, the foolish villagers explore this cave, but one mining trip gone wrong and BOOM! The pressure point collapses, and the entire mine explodes violently, releasing deadly radiation into the village and causing everyone to black out. As the villagers awake, they believe that everything is fine, until the howls of werewolves can be heard in the nearby forest. Worse, everyone remaining continues to convulse in pain, and their horrified expressions magnify as they slowly realize that the mutation is far from over.

The initial burst of radiation had granted everyone supernatural powers and altered their mental states. However, the fallout persists, and continues to mutate the villagers more and more. Every day, the villagers awake in a cold sweat, examining their mirrors to deduce what new monster they have become overnight. At first, the entire town collectively drafts a non-aggression agreement, under the logic that even those who had turned into werewolves can mutate back into ordinary villagers, thus not necessitating any lynching as long as no one dies overnight. However, as time passes, some villagers start developing a perverse addiction to the form changes. As the radiation eats away at their lives, turning their hair and eyes all sorts of ridiculous colors and crippling them physically, they decide to enjoy the rest of their short existence as much as they can by abusing their powers as much as possible before they inevitably collapse. In other words, they want to fuck shit up, and watch the world burn. Overnight deaths begin happening, and vocal villagers demand lynches, starting the cycle of hate all over again, this time made worse by the fact that everyone is unaware of which side they will end up on. Even if one day's results benefit them, it may bite them back the next. As the village becomes more and more chaotic, the once peaceful yet desperate town has turned into a maelstrom of death, mistrust, and paranoia, doomed to fall upon itself in the very near future.


In a time of revolution, of chaos and bloodshed, a group of villagers knows they need to take leadership and bring control to the village. But, in the midst of all of this, there are a group of wolves who relish the turmoil. They’ve managed to sway a few other villagers to their side, to convince them that this mayhem is what will lead to a new age, and what they need is help to topple the villagers at the top. Among the group of villagers who are ready to take control, the one with the most power is the one who wields the bullets. They are surrounded by their trustworthy advisers - one with the ability to guard them, one who is not above hunting others to protect them, two who have the ability to see into the hearts of other villagers, and another who gives villagers gifts every night… for the good or bad. Together, these villagers are responsible for stopping the anarchy that threatens their home day after day.

But as revolutionaries flood through the village, with wolves waiting for their heads on silver plates, and their own clansmen sing their support for their leaders, they know that they must act sooner. After all, their vision is clouded - there are some people who, although are not werewolves, they share the same thoughts as they do, for they were easily swayed in the midst of the anarchy. The werewolves stick together, seeking for opportunities they have to sabotage. They cannot allow these new villagers to rule. With the help of the wolf cub, whose death will surely cause more outrage than the regular wolf, the sorcerer who can read the minds of others, the werecrow who flaps its wings in preparation for the final fight, and the hag who can puppet other villagers at their own will, they surely have enough numbers on their side to put up a good fight.

Among the rest of the village stand a few - on the surface, what seem to be ordinary citizens - but they have some tricks up their sleeves. A specific villager examines the chaos of the village, unable to decipher what the strange burning sensation in the pit of their stomach is. For some reason they want revenge… but why? Two other villagers stare at their leaders, discontent with their control, and they prepare their daggers, just in case they meet death sooner than expected. After all, if they die, they’re going to take someone else out with them, just as a little parting gift. They’re eyed by another villager, who walks around in a haze, trying to understand why they can’t think clearly. But little do they know, in days, they’ll figure out just exactly what was stopping them. Another villager gazes at the little star on their sash. It may not mean much in this age of revolution, but it’ll stop them from dying for one day. And, among all of these villagers, stands out one who is rarely seen, but all the villagers know they’re there. But their death surely will bring severe consequences - to both the leaders in the revolution, and the enemies.

When the war in the village starts to boil at an all time high, with fear and paranoia turning the villagers against each other, the leaders know they need to do something about it before the werewolves overwhelm them with their numbers and establish their own puppet government. A puppet government from the werewolves will lead to nothing but disaster. so the gunner needs to clean their rifle and get a clean shot. The gunner looks around the village, knowing that their shot will be tricky. After all, there are specific targets that will turn the tides of war. They must be precise in their shot, and so, they narrow their eyes and pull the trigger. As the bullet carves through the air… will their victim’s death start to bring the revolution down? Or will their victim’s death be the start of another revolution?


A small village is nestled in the heart of Constantinople. Growing legion of werewolves are infringing on the holy village that has been guarded by divine intervention for centuries. The protectors of the village are highly revered, bringing guardianship to villagers every night. When there’s a case they cannot protect themselves, the bodyguard will often offer to, and they are known for their selfless sacrifice if they are killed during the process. The seer and the shaman work together to ward off any attackers, and the guardian angels shield them if they ever need to walk outside the village to face them head on.

But as days go by, the werewolves grow stronger and larger in numbers. It is going to take a lot more than just a couple guardian angels to protect the village. The werewolves have invented new ways to penetrate the village. The werekitten morphs into an innocent kitten, and when unknowing villagers pet it, the kitten leads them out of the safety of the holy village and into the woods where they are killed by the wolves. The court jester watches the madness, but it doesn’t matter to them. It’s their job to play both sides so that they are kicked out by the guardian angels. They never wanted to be here in the first place. The wolves use the help of the werekitten to smuggle their way into the village, and when they’re there, they begin to pick off the villagers during the night.

The guardian angels find this out, and they realize that the age of protecting their village by guarding the gates is long over. It’s time to deal with the evil spirits that reside within the city walls. They gather all the help they can, and the vigilante is the first to offer. Even though they know there’s a chance they’ll be killed if they hunt the wrong person, they’re the most determined to help the village. The investigator reluctantly offers their help as well. They’re not as powerful as the vigilante or the guardian angel, but they’ll be damned if they’ll let wolves destroy their village. The guardian angels scan some suspicious individuals, and they order the investigator to scrutinize the loyalty of them. After all, two suspicious individuals that trust each other may be very bad news for the village.

When the guardian angels continue their look into the hearts of the villagers, the alpha wolf shifts their paws. Their plan to invade the village worked like a charm, but if the guardian angels looked too closely, they’d be caught. No need to worry, though - the alpha wolf licks their lips, knowing that they’ll be able to bite anyone to recruit them to replace their dead companion. They’re a perfectly capable match for the guardian angel. Especially since they’ve got the werecrow and the minion on their side. In the crowd, a villager with a dark heart, a villager who’d made a deal with the devil eons ago, watches the guardian angels with narrowed eyes. They want the wolves dead, yes. But they want to live, too. With the wolves dead, they’d be able to capture the guardian angels and rule the village for themselves.

Votes are taken, but some lynches are the results of incorrect sees from the seer, who gets frustrated with the amount of dark spirits they see on villagers who otherwise have no loyalty to the wolf cause. The village drunk doesn’t care, though. They want to help lead, but they’ve bypassed the holy law that prohibits alcohol long ago. There’s a certain villager who wanders around, lost in thought, until the days pass and they realize who they really are. They have to follow their heart, and join the cause they had nearly forgotten.

It’s a holy war, a fight between the angels and the devils. Can the guardian angels stick true to their oath of protecting the village at all costs, or will the werewolves prove to be too strong for them and wipe them out, leaving the village defenseless? Or, if worst comes to worst, will the villager who sold their soul to the devil take control and curse the village to burn in flames forever?