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about/werewolf/* and lykos/* cloaks are available on the Libera IRC network for players and users affiliated with the lykos project.

Group contacts

The group contacts are the ones responsible for servicing cloak requests. If you have any question regarding the status of your cloak, please reach out to one of them. Cloak requests themselves should be made in the appropriate channel listed in the guidelines below.

The current group contacts are:

  • jacob1
  • moonmoon


The guidelines below make use of the following placeholders:

Any arbitrary string which does not contain slashes and is valid in an IRC cloak.
The user's account name.
Any nick grouped to the user's account.
A bot account's account name.

Guidelines for werewolf cloaks

The following guidelines are what the above group contacts will use when reviewing requests for about/werewolf/* cloaks.

You have any of the following
  • Played 500+ games on the official lykos bot
  • Are a #werewolf op
You have all of the following
  • Account is in good standing
  • The #werewolf ops trust you will not abuse your cloak
You may request the cloak about/werewolf/<account> by asking in #werewolf-ops.

Guidelines for lykos cloaks

The following guidelines are what the above group contacts will use when reviewing requests for lykos/* cloaks. To request one of these cloaks, ask on #lykos.

  1. Developers (those with push access to GitHub) can have lykos/<something>/<nick>.
  2. Contributors (those who have had non-trivial pull requests accepted into the repository, who have made quality contributions towards wiki documentation, or who have otherwise contributed to the lykos project) can gain the cloak lykos/contributor/<nick> or a cloak which highlights the particular contributions they have made (such as lykos/tester/<nick> for those who assist in testing the bot).
  3. Additionally, anyone in the above categories can gain the cloak lykos/<nick> instead of what is listed for that category.
  4. Official bots used exclusively in lykos-related channels can receive a bot cloak lykos/bot/<something>. lykos/bot is reserved for official game bots (the "lykos" account).
  5. Bots running instances of lykos (regardless of what channel they reside in) can receive a bot cloak lykos/<account>/bot/<botaccount>, where <account> is the account name of the bot owner.
  6. Non-affiliated users (users who do not fall into any of the above categories) should not receive cloaks.