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You are an insomniac. During your sleepless nights, you listen for noises coming from nearby. You learn whether or not your neighbors were awake each night.

The insomniac is told at the end of each night whether the players to their left or right (according to join order, and skipping over dead players) were awake or not that night. The insomniac is told the identity of adjacent players who were awake, if any. Targets that were awake at night are all roles that have a daily night power that must be used every night, including other insomniacs. Roles that don't act every night or act once per game are seen as asleep, even if that role acted that night. If a night role did not use their power, they are still treated as being awake. Insomniacs are seen as villager by the seer and not wolf by the oracle.

Appearances in game modes

Mode Players needed
Mudkip 5