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This web site is a collection of quotes from the Internet Relay Chat network. Currently, the database contains a total of 183 quote(s).

Feel free to look around! Don’t forget to vote for the quotes you love by clicking on the Up↑ link. Give the ones you hate the old thumbs down using the Down↓ link. If you feel any of the quotes should not be in the collection, use the Report link to request removal. If you wish to contact the administrators of this web site, you can do so by joining us at ##werewolf-ops on irc.freenode.net.

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Latest News

  • Welcome to the Werewolf QDB! Please follow these simple guidelines when submitting a quote to increase your chances of it being approved:
    1. More often than not, shorter quotes are better quotes. Trim unnecessary lines that don't add to the quote in order to show the real meat of it.
    2. Edit out any hosts/IPs from joins/quits or such. People deserve some privacy after all.
    3. Keep things werewolf-related. Post your funny/awesome/whatever moments from playing werewolf. Don't post entirely unrelated things, those are best suited for general-purpose QDBs instead. Things that aren't werewolf-related but happened in a werewolf channel are probably okay, though, but will receive higher scrutiny from the mods.
    4. If your quote was rejected or removed, please do not resubmit it. If you wish to discuss the matter in a civilized fashion, please join ##werewolf-ops on irc.freenode.net to discuss it with us.

    Thanks for reading!