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If you need any help, please feel free to contact one of the users below in this list. Please remember that some users may be using bouncers and may not be active at the time you need them.

You can also find us in ##werewolf-ops where one of us should be able to help you promptly. If you urgently need attention, do !admins in ##werewolf.

Name Alternate nicks
ChrisE Glarbex
ecks away
ilbelkyr bcode, we
ishanyx xynashi, isha
jacob1 (co-founder) mooo, jacob2
Kanade ilera
nyuszika7h nycloud
shark (co-founder) vulpine
woffle Skizzerz, moonmoon
yano yanome

freenode staff also have operator access in ##werewolf. However, please note that they will only intervene in emergencies, unless they are explicitly listed as an op above.