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lykos/* cloaks are available on the freenode IRC network for users affiliated with the lykos project (such as developers). While non-developers may gain a lykos cloak, there is no guarantee that they will be handed out. To obtain a cloak, please contact one of the group contacts on #lykos (public message to the channel is preferred so that all GCs may chime in if need be):

  • jacob1
  • Faely
  • woffle/moonmoon


The following guidelines are what the above group contacts will use when reviewing requests for cloaks. When the guidelines say <something>, it refers to any arbitrary string which does not contain slashes and is valid in an IRC cloak. <nick> must be a nick attached to the user's account (but not necessarily their account name), and <botnick> is the account name for a bot account.

  1. Developers (those with push access to GitHub) can have lykos/<something>/<nick>.
  2. Contributors (those who have had non-trivial pull requests accepted into the repository, who have made quality contributions towards wiki documentation, or who have otherwise contributed to the lykos project) can gain the cloak lykos/contributor/<nick> or a cloak which highlights the particular contributions they have made (such as lykos/tester/<nick> for those who assist in testing the bot).
  3. Additionally, anyone in the above categories can gain the cloak lykos/<nick> instead of what is listed for that category.
  4. Official bots used exclusively in lykos-related channels can receive a bot cloak lykos/bot/<something>. lykos/bot is reserved for official game bots (the "lykos" account).
  5. Bots running instances of lykos (regardless of what channel they reside in) can receive a bot cloak lykos/<nick>/bot/<botnick>, where nick is the bot owner.
  6. Non-affiliated users (users who do not fall into any of the above categories) should not receive cloaks.