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These are the current rules for ##werewolf-classic. All channel rules in Freenode:Rules additionally apply to this channel (reproduced below for convenience), however the gameplay rules are different from the main ##werewolf channel. Breaking these rules may lead to a warning or being banned from the channel.

The most important rule is: use common sense. In general, ops' decisions are final – if you wish to discuss your issue in a civilized manner, you may take it to ##werewolf-ops.

Channel rules

  • Be nice to each other. No bigotry.
  • No sexual discussion or links to NSFW content.
  • Avoid excessive swearing.
  • Unauthorized bots, public logging and/or related activities are not permitted.
  • Automated messages to the channel, including but not limited to anti-idle scripts, away notifications and similar, are not allowed.
  • Refrain from manually highlighting people unless you know they won't mind.
  • Don't use deliberately confusing nicks. Don't impersonate other players or the bot.
  • Don't spam. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Spamming and/or abusing !start or other bot commands.
    • Posting text longer than 3 lines, or very long lines. Use a pastebin such as or
    • Posting ASCII art. If you really have to, use a pastebin or link to a picture.
    • Posting garbage or other worthless messages.
    • Excessive shouting (CAPS LOCK).
    • Abusing colours.
    • Excessive nick changes.
  • Don't advertise other channels.

Gameplay rules

  • All discussion and communication must take place in ##werewolf-classic. Sharing information or discussing the game with other players outside of the channel is not allowed.